Bringing People Together Through Bourbon

Bourbon is a unique part of the United State’s culture.  Most people do not know the roll whiskey played in US history, but without it the US would not be what it is today.  US whiskey has produced more tax dollars than any other product barring petroleum. The US is a great nation, but unfortunately it is divided today.

Bourbon as a product takes time to make, enjoy, and tends to bring friends and family together when people drink it. Bourbon Real Talk hopes to use bourbon’s communal nature to sitting down with people, drinking some good whiskey, and having real conversations to get to know the reasons why we are different. Bias is broken down by connection, and connection is formed by compassion and understanding.  Pour a dram, relax, and learn real stories of people so that we can develop compassion and build connections that make us all better.

The Anthony Bourdain of Alcohol with Jeff Bradford-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 60

Have you ever fantasized about selling everything you own and traveling the world to learn their local beverage culture! My guest Jeff Bradford did just that! He is basically the Anthony Bourdain of alcohol and his story is amazing. He has over 52,000 subscribers and literally millions of views. In this short candid interview he gives the scoop on what it is like behind the scenes and the dark times he faced finding his success!
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Black Lives Matter with Philip Roberson-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 59

The goal of BRT is to bring people together around bourbon so we can grow to understand and have empathy for one another. Philip is my best friend and work out partner. My conversations with him trying to seek to understand the BLM movement was a big motivating factor in me starting my podcast. In this episode we have an honest conversation with each other about our personal perceptions as a black man and a white man in these turbulent times. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but we love each other enough to be able to have the discussion, pick up understanding, let the things we don’t agree on go, and walk away as friends. We both hope this encourages other people with differing view points to talk to one another and try to understand each other.
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Life in review with hockey legend Ed Belfour and son Dayn Belfour-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 58

Ed Belfour is a hockey legend. He has also started a spirits company with his son Dayn, and his daughter Reaghan. During covid we did a zoom meeting with Ed and Dayn. In it we discuss Ed’s early life, many moments of his hockey career, his days as a drag racer, his passion for collecting mopar cars, how the stanley cup got dented at a Pantera party, and whether or not there was vodka in his water bottle. He also gave some very interesting information about the future of Belfour and he actually spills the beans on some secret projects against Dayn’s wishes.  You won’t want to miss it!
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Managing Whiskey Club Drama with Kristopher Hart Bourbon Real Talk Episode 56

Kristopher Hart is the host of the ESPN radio program/podcast Whiskey Neat and an admin of the largest regional whiskey club in north America (Houston Bourbon Society). In this episode we discuss the immense benefits of getting involved in a social media based whiskey club, but there is a dark side of these communities. Kristopher shares his thoughts on why negativity develops and how to navigate the sometimes dramatic envirionment that develops in these groups. This will be a very informative piece for any whiskey enthusiast.
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Whisky Historian Joe Micallef-Part 2 Bourbon Real Talk Episode 55

Joe Micallef is a historian, documentarian, wine/spirits judge, wine producer, and many other things too numerous to name here. In this episode we get a behind the scenes look at judging spirits competitions. We discuss how altitude, light, weather, and environment affects your palate. We talk about the impact of aging whiskey in a hot climate, solutions to the Texas whiskey issue, why historically bourbon is aged in new charred oak barrels and how bourbon has influenced the flavor of other aged spirits. If you have not already done so please watch part 1 of this episode.
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