Bringing People Together Through Bourbon

Bourbon is a unique part of the United State’s culture.  Most people do not know the roll whiskey played in US history, but without it the US would not be what it is today.  US whiskey has produced more tax dollars than any other product barring petroleum. The US is a great nation, but unfortunately it is divided today.

Bourbon as a product takes time to make, enjoy, and tends to bring friends and family together when people drink it. Bourbon Real Talk hopes to use bourbon’s communal nature to sitting down with people, drinking some good whiskey, and having real conversations to get to know the reasons why we are different. Bias is broken down by connection, and connection is formed by compassion and understanding.  Pour a dram, relax, and learn real stories of people so that we can develop compassion and build connections that make us all better.

Lone Elm Whiskey: History and Surprise Announcement-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 70

Five Points Distilling makes the amazing Lone Elm Whiskey. In this episode we talk with Bill Wofford, one of the founders and the mastermind behind their one of a kind whiskey . He gives us a little insight into why their product is so unique, and announces some very exciting projects never revealed to the public before.
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Blind Whiskey Tasting Challenge with Bourbon Blind-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 67

@BourbonBlind is one of my favorite YouTube channels for whiskey.  They taste whiskey blind and say what they are willing to pay based on taste. In this crossover episode we sent each other blind sample packs, made our guesses, made fools of ourselves, and had a lot of fun in the process. We drank Elijah Craig 18, Elijah Craig SmB, Pappy VanWinkle 20 year, Knob Creek CS Rye, Thomas H. Handy 19″, Heaven Hill Green Label, Old Charter 13 year Dickel, Four Gate Batch 3, and J. Mattingly Rico Suave. Enjoy!

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