Bourbon is a unique part of the United State’s culture.  Most people do not know the roll whiskey played in US history, but without it the US would not be what it is today.  US whiskey has produced more tax dollars than any other product barring petroleum. The US is a great nation, but unfortunately, it is divided today.

Bourbon as a product takes time to make, enjoy, and tends to bring friends and family together when people drink it. Bourbon Real Talk™ hopes to use bourbon’s communal nature to sitting down with people, drinking some good whiskey, and having real conversations to get to know the reasons why we are different. Bias is broken down by connection, and connection is formed by compassion and understanding.  Pour a dram, relax, and learn real stories of people so that we can develop compassion and build connections that make us all better.

Understanding Finished Whiskey with Rabbit Hole Founder Kaveh Zamanian-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 101

Rabbit Hole is one of the hottest new distilleries in KY, and many of their most popular expressions are finished in used barrels. Today we sit down with the founder Kaveh Zamanian to discuss the differences between regular whiskey and finished whiskey. As we discuss we taste two of Rabbit Hole’s ultra premium offerings from their Founder’s Collection, one of which is the $1500 Cask Strength 15 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak. Kaveh is interesting and informative, so pour a dram, sit back, and enjoy!
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Understanding Yeast’s Impact On Whiskey With Four Roses’ Master Distiller Brent Elliott-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 99

Four Roses is an iconic distillery producing some of the world’s most sought after bourbon.  Their limited edition bottlings and many of their single barrel bottlings that gain notoriety trade on the secondary for many times their retail value. The head of production is the Master Distiller Brent Elliott. What makes Four Roses different is that they have two mashbills and five different yeast strains that produce 10 different bourbon recipes. Brent is arguably the world most experienced expert when it comes to yeast’s impact on the flavor of bourbon. Yeast is a tricky little organism that loves to mutate, which is terrible if you are trying to maintain consistency of flavor.  Every whiskey nerd has a drive to understand why our whiskey tastes the way it does.  This short but information packed episode  is a must watch for every whiskey enthusiast. 
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$200,000 Whisky, Cigar, Scotty Cameron Putter, and Gibson Les Paul Collection with Dave Wagner-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 98

Dave Wagner is an importer of some of the worlds most recognized gun brands. His appreciation for rare things has pushed him to start a whisky collection, cigar collection, Scotty Cameron putter collection, and a Gibson Les Paul guitar collection. His journey is fascinating and inspiring. Hear how Dave came to possess so many of the wonderful things we all love, and the entertaining stories of how it all came to be.
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The Best Port Finished Whiskey In America-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 97

The mad scientist Alex Baptista is on a mission to find the best port finished whiskey in America. He set up a march madness tournament bracket to narrow 32 whiskeys down to one winner. In this episode we discuss the process and reveal the shocking results.  There are surprise winners and losers so pour a dram and enjoy finding out who makes the best port finished whiskey in America.
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Top 6 Available Rye Whiskeys $40-$60: Bourbon Real Talk Episode 96

With all the new and old whiskey drinkers trying to get the same bottles, there are many expressions that are hard to find.  This episode goes through a list of quality shelf available rye whiskey products that are sure to please any whiskey lover. I provide a quick rye review along with a little backstory to help you feel more connected to the brands. If you are looking for information about how to start a whiskey collection or you are just looking for budget whiskey, this episode is sure to please.
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